DOG: The Anti-Scam Reward Token

DOG is the first ever altruistic cryptocurrency that aims to reward members of the public for exposing ICO scams and reporting valid smart contracts on the blockchain.


Report a scam

Community Watchdogs have the ability to report scams and related evidence through the ICO Watchdog chat bot and website. All reported scams are timestampped and stored on the Bitcoin blockchain.

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Bring It To A Vote

DOG token holders can vote to confirm or challenge a scam report. Individual votes are weighted based on client's token stake and overall platform activity.

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Earn a Bounty Reward

DOG token rewards for voting are dependent on the total staked token in a vote and distributed to those staked in the winning outcome. Clients receive a token reward equivalent to the proportion of tokens staked plus an ICO Watchdog bonus.

  Report a scam   Read whitepaper

Token Usage

DOG can be used to access the following ICO Watchdog™ products and services:

Premium service provided by ICO Watchdog that offers enhanced data to help traders make smarter decisions.


ICO Smart Contract auditing service that analyzes the source code of a smart contract and verifies consistency with all token sale parameters declared in the whitepaper documentation.

Sponsored Alerts

Marketing service for blockchain startups looking to advertise in the ICO Watchdog chat bot to reach highly-targeted cryptocurrency investors directly on their mobile phone.


Meet the Team


Shaun Newsum

Founder & CEO

Shaun was the managing director at Anubix Innovations, a boutique startup incubator in Santa Monica, CA. He graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with B.S. in Software Engineering.

Jikhan Jung

Chief Growth Officer, Asia

Jikhan is the founder of Subdream Studios, a VR game studio based in Seoul, South Korea. He previously sold Gala-Net to Webzen in 2013. He graduated from Yonsei University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering.

Gabriella Serrato

Director of Operations

Gabriella worked Operations for the Dodgers Accelerator with R/GA Ventures. She graduated from Maplewoods College and the New York Film Academy with an AA and a degree in Acting for Film.

Jayne Kim

Head of Sales/Marketing, Asia

Jayne previously was the Digital Media Manager for Pyeonchang Organizing Committie for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. She graduated from Sungkyunwan University with a degree in Mass Communication/ Journalism and International Trade.

Anthony Elia

VP of Sales & Business Development

Anthony ran CryptoCribs, the first marketplace to buy and sell real estate using cryptocurrencies. He graduated from the Florida State University with B.S. in Accounting & Finance.

Desmond Graves

Marketing Director

Desmond is the co-founder, of Vistadox, a venture consultancy firm and is a Venture Partner at Science. He graduated from Tulane University with a B.S. in Management, Finance, Cell and Molecular Biology.

Christopher Durr

Lead Analyst/Writer

Christopher worked as the technical support analyst at IDEX, DNA Fund and advisor to UnbankedX. He is currently studying economics at UC Irvine in Southern California.

Haben Enquey


Haben is currently a student at Mekelle University in Ethiopia.

Our Advisors & Investors


Mike Jones


Mike is an internet executive, investor and strategic advisor and CEO of Science, Inc. He is Los Angeles’s most active angel investor with more than $2.5B in exits.

Science Blockchain


Science uses their expertise at company building to help select blockchain entrepreneurs in their efforts to become the software giants of the next century.

Token Details and Distribution

Max Supply:

75,000,000 DOG

Reporting Rewards:

50,000,000 DOG

(Community Watchdogs)


25,000,000 DOG

(Airdrop, Referral Rewards, Team)