DOG token Airdrop and Bounty Campaign

As the first altruistic cryptocurrency that rewards community members for identifying, verifying, and exposing ICO scams, we’re introducing an entirely new standard of transparency into the crypto world. In doing so, we’re saving people from losing money as a result of ICO “exit-scams”, whilst simultaneously establishing a culture of credibility within the crypto-space, thereby benefiting the community as a whole.

We’re aware of the magnitude and scale of our objective: it won’t be easy to ‘clean up’ the cryptocurrency industry of fraudulence and deception. That’s why our initiative is a community-driven one: through the DOG token, anyone can be rewarded with a bounty of up to 100,000 DOG for helping ICO Watchdog to expose an ICO exit scam. Read our whitepaper to learn more.

So, in the spirit of community, we’ve got some exciting announcements to make about our token distribution and about how you can get involved in (and benefit from) the DOG token project.

DOG Airdrop:

First off, we’ve got 20M DOG tokens to give away and distribute through an Airdrop campaign. Up to 80,000 Airdrop members will receive 250 DOG tokens per person. Sign up below and type '/airdrop' to get started within the chat bot.

Campaign Bounty actions:

Apart from our Airdrop campaign, we’ve also got a great bounty program in place. Through this program, we aim to bring our community members closer into our marketing operations, based on the fundamental philosophy that ICO Watchdog is a community-driven initiative. The bounty campaign also serves the purpose of ‘spreading the word’ about the DOG token and its critical place within the crypto community ecosystem.

To drive online circulation and awareness of DOG token and ICO Watchdog, we’ve put the following bounty structure in place:

Confirmed Referral 50 DOG
Medium Follow 50 DOG
Comment in Campaign 10 DOG
Twitter Profile Follow 10 DOG
Instagram Profile Follow 10 DOG
LinkekdIn Page Follow 10 DOG
YouTube Channel Follow 10 DOG
Twitter Tweet/Share 5 DOG
Facebook Share 5 DOG

Register for the Bounty Program and earn DOG Tokens

Custom Bounties:

Note: All custom bounties need to be claimed through this form in order for them to be eligible.

Apart from the more general social media bounty campaign that you can benefit from, we’ve also got some more specific, custom bounties in place for you to partake in:

Of all the custom bounty campaigns we’ve got in place, the one we’re most excited about is the Insights by ICO Watchdog™ Medium publication. This project, a platform for knowledge-sharing, is all about educating the crypto community: something that’s core to ICO Watchdog’s mission.

Medium Blog: Write an article or Follow the blog

Total available bounty: 625,000 DOG (22.50% of total)

Do you like to create content about cryptocurrencies, trading or blockchain? Write an article about a new blockchain or cryptocurrency related project, post it on our Insights by ICO Watchdog™ Medium publication (we will add you as a contributor) and earn DOG tokens.

Our objective with this Medium publication (and your contribution to it), is to provide the ICO investor community with early insight into different ICO projects that may (or may not) be worth looking into, as well as with other relevant articles about topics relating to the ICO space. Essentially, we’re looking for unbiased and informative articles that won’t only be beneficial to our audience and community, but that the entire ICO community can benefit from. After your content has been published, you’ll have the option of promoting and circulating it further, making you eligible to earn more DOG tokens..

  • If you write an article about DOG token, you’ll receive 30 DOG tokens.
  • If more than 25 people clap for your article, you’ll receive an extra 300 DOG
  • If more than 100 people clap for your article, you’ll receive an extra 720 DOG
  • If more than 200 people clap for your article, you’ll receive an extra 1,800 DOG.

Keep in mind that the article must be directly related to the DOG token.

You can earn an extra 50 DOG tokens if you follow our Medium page. Please claim the Medium follow through the custom bounty form above.


Your blog article must be accessible online until the end of the Bounty Campaign. Your blog article must also contain a link to the DOG website ( Your article must also be at least 500 words.

The email address you used for registering in our DOG bounty app must be visible on the website of your blog so we can verify you are the author of the article in order to pay you your bounty. We will quality-check all entries before posting on our own Medium publication.

YouTube: Post a Video

Total available: 625,000 DOG (15% of total)

Reward per video: 300 to 1,500 DOG depending on the quality and reach of your video post


To qualify for the YouTube bounty initiative, your YouTube video must informatively and objectively describe the DOG token project. You can read more into who we are and what we’re doing on our official homepage, ScamWatch community page, or Medium publication. If you’ve got a more specific question for us that relates to the content you’d like to make, you can get in touch with us at

Some more specifics:

  • Your YouTube channel must be at least 3 months old.
  • If your video does not have a human voice-over, you will only receive 50% of the total bounty.
  • A link to the DOG landing page ( must be added to your video’s description.
  • Don’t forget: Your video must be published and accessible until the end of the DOG Bounty Campaign.
  • The email address used for your registration in our DOG bounty app must be mentioned in the ‘about’ section of your YouTube channel, in order for us to verify that you are the author of the video and you’re eligible for bounty payment.
  • If you are a successful YouTube vlogger you can contact bounty@icowatchdog.comto discuss a more customized deal.

Reddit: Post or Comment

Total available: 250,000 DOG (5% of total)

Posts or comments

  • 1 DOG: For a post/comment with Karma greater than 0
  • 5 DOG: For a post/comment with Karma greater than 10
  • 10 DOG: For a post/comment with Karma greater than 30
  • 30 DOG: For a post/comment with Karma greater than 50
  • 70 DOG: For a post/comment with Karma greater than 100
  • 150 DOG: For a post/comment with Karma greater than 200

Specifics for the Reddit bounty campaign:

  • We expect your Reddit account to be at least 20 days old and have 10 posts or 20 comment ‘karma’.
  • For a post to be eligible, it must be posted in a subreddit related to cryptocurrency, trading or blockchain.
  • Posts and comments with negative Karma will not be accepted.
  • Your Reddit post must link to
  • Any form of spam will not be accepted.
  • You will receive bonus DOG for comments and posts that get a minimum of 5 upvotes.
  • To earn even more, please answer any questions or concerns from community members to the best of your ability and link your answer to ICO Watchdog’s official content.


If you’re familiar with Bitcointalk, you know the drill:

Total available: 250,000 DOG (5% of the total)

  • Profile picture & Signature
  • Hero/Legendary: 350 DOG tokens/week
  • Senior Member: 200 DOG tokens/week
  • Full Member: 120 DOG tokens/week
  • Member: 80 DOG tokens/week
  • Junior Member: 30 DOG tokens/week

Full members and above can earn additional 80 DOG Wearing Avatar

Translate ANN Thread

You can earn DOG tokens to translate the official DOG BitcoinTalk thread into a foreign language.

  • 50 DOG for the main post in the ICO Watchdog Official ANN Thread.
  • 10 DOG for every new post, announcement or update in the local (translated) thread.


To become a Local Community Manager in any other language than English, please contact us in English at

Let’s do this

Are you ready to join the ICO Watchdog movement and help change the crypto game for the better?

We’re excited to have you on board.

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